Destined For Doon Book Review


Destined for Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

I don’t know why I picked up this sequel. I liked Doon, but I did not feel completed to learn about what happened to McKenna in Chicago or how Veronica was taking on her new royal role. But, here we are. I do not know if I’ll continue on with this series. This second installation was predictable and suffered from “sequel syndrome”. The first 85% of this book is a boring back and forth between what Kenna regrets and how she wishes she could have changed the way she left Duncan mixed with Vee’s need to prove herself as Doon’s Queen. The last 10% of the novel is where the “action” happens. I use this term lightly because there is not much action in this climax. Instead, the BFF’s encounter a small obstacle, Kenna forgives herself, and Doon is saved.

I apologize in advance, but this review will not be pretty:

In book 2, it is Kenna that has realized she has had her Calling. She has grown used to seeing Duncan appear, but now he’s actually arrived in the States sent on behalf of his Queen. Strange things are happening in Doon, and Kenna is Vee’s last hope.

Every charming trait about Kenna in the first book has turned her into a whiney teenager in the second book. Kenna is immature, annoying, self-centered, and judgmental. She judges the new Destined and people in Doon based on their looks and their past. Kenna hates Ana simply because she’s close to Duncan and uses this to “justify” her skepticism because of Ana’s past. She judges other characters based on their appearance. Her immaturity may be because she’s still young. I believe her and Vee are only 18. But Kenna had a much easier life than Vee, so where Vee had to grow up and accept her fate, Kenna still hides. Kenna makes decisions based on her own wants. She often does not take into consideration what is happening around her, or what the right decision is. Instead, she does what is best for her interest and it is frustrating to watch.

In an attempt to explain Kenna’s sudden arrival in Doon, Kenna and Duncan fake being in love and that a Calling has happened. However, both know that a real Calling exists and are afraid to admit their true feelings. Kenna broke Duncan’s heart when she left Doon and Kenna is to wrapped up herself and her jealousy to tell Duncan how she feels. In a true cliché, both fake being in love until it is not convenient to do so. But ultimately, both admit in the end how they feel.

Kenna doesn’t take Vee’s role seriously. She does not understand what Vee is up against. Some people in the kingdom do not accept Vee as their queen. And on several occasions, they make their opinions clear. Kenna treats Vee like she’s playing dress up and has no worry in the world. For two girls who “share a brain” this book highlights the differences between the best friends. Speaking of, the amount of times the authors state that the girls “share a brain” is annoying—we get it. You’ve said this over a dozen times now, please move on.

Two things bothered me about this book: the amount of typos and the obnoxious slang, such as “aprops.” The main characters are teenagers, but this was said outside of a quotation by either Vee or Kenna. There are also a handful of typos that should have been caught on he editing process.

Finally, the ending of the novel is predictable. Ever since Vee picked up the queen’s necklace something has not been right with her. I can also predict how the next novel will unfold. I truly think this is where I’m stopping this series. It was cute at first, but the novelty has worn off for me.


Rating: 2/5


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