Justice League Movie Review

Justice League released 10 days ago and has grossed less than expected. I’m not a cinematic expert, but I am still a fan of this movie.

I’ll admit, I have not been a die-hard comic book or superhero fan my entire life. But over the past few years, I have come to my senses and I love these movies.

Justice League is visually stunning. The action shots and the pace of the movie are on point. I do not feel like this movie was rushed. With a run time of just under 2 hours, I do think it could have been longer. We see small glimpses at the newest superheroes to join the league-Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash but there is not a lot of their back stories. It is understandable that perhaps we don’t learn much because they all have forthcoming movies and introducing them all would take too much time. But they all just feel thrown together.


My biggest issue with this movie is that Steppenwolf is not memorable. As far as villains go, he falls flat. He’s big, brooding, and determined to bring back the old ways of the world but other than that there is not much drive to him. Other than his obvious stature, he is not frightening. For someone that is supposed to be the driving force for uniting the Justice League, he is not an interesting villain.

The movie is riddled with moments of comic relief. The Flash (Ezra Miller) is a spunky character who doesn’t quite fit in. He’s an outsider who doesn’t understand social interactions. So he comes off as awkward and quirky. But this makes him relatable. In a band of attractive and physically strong heroes, Barry Allen is all of us. He doesn’t understand brunch, he’s constantly hungry, he’s never sure what to say, and he also runs weird but he is also extraordinary. Sure, he isn’t a whiskey drinking badass like Arthur Curry, doesn’t have ungodly strength like Superman and Wonder Woman, isn’t half robot like Cyborg, and doesn’t have Bruce Wayne’s money. But he is an adorable young man who we can easily identify with. There is also some banter from Wonder Woman, especially with Aquaman. These moments help to break up the inevitable doom-like feeling of saving the world.


The biggest criticism I’ve heard of this movie is that there is “no plot.” There seems to be a bunch of superheroes running around and this big bad man brings them all together. But, that’s not quite it. The world has lost hope after the death of Superman. He was their beacon. Other heroes are afraid of the spotlight or don’t want it. Bruce Wayne rallies superheroes, new and old to face a common enemy and save the world. Saving the world and coming together is essentially the plot of a superhero movie, but when it’s DC and not Marvel, people freak out.



Overall Review: 4/5



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