DIY Galaxy Shoes

This project is by no means new or innovative. I originally saw this youtube video back in 2016 and forgot about it.  I stumbled across this DIY galaxy shoes project recently again on Pinterest and thought it was time to make my own version. It is a simple project to complete, with a lot of drying time in between steps. If you love galaxy or space themed things and have a couple of hours to spare, this is the perfect project for you.


  • White Shoes (Make sure they’re canvas shoes)
  • Permanent Markers (blue, light blue, black, purple, and pink are the colors I used)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (91% works best)
  • Dropper
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Toothbrush
  • Thumb Tack

Total time: about 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

First of all, canvas shoes are the best to use because of the fabric. It is absorbent and will take both the ink and the rubbing alcohol better than some other fabrics. Second, I know rubbing alcohol is not widely known or attainable. As a substitute, I suggest using hydrogen peroxide. But note, the higher the alcohol content the better the outcome-the colors will blend better.



Step One: Gather your supplies. I picked up white canvas shoes from Target on sale for less than $8. The permanent markers I also found at Target, they came in a pack with the light blue, dark blue, pink, and purple markers. The black marker I already had at home. I thought this color combination would work perfectly for a galaxy print. But you can use whatever colors you’d like for your shoes. You do not need to use the Sharpie brand, but your markers need to be permanent in order to do this project. I had some issue finding the dropper, the one I found is called an ear/eye dropper. I suggest checking the baby isle or the medication isle of your local drug store. If all else fails, you can use a straw. You do not want to pour the alcohol on your shoes, just use small drops.

Step Two: I suggest stuffing either a plastic bag or tissue paper into the front of your shoes in order to maintain their shape. This will make it easier to color the front of your shoes. Remove the shoe laces from your shoes and begin coloring.


Step Three: Color small sections at a time. It is best to do small sections to control the bleeding of the colors. You also want tomato sure you’re not drawing in straight lines. It’s okay if the colors overlap because it will make the blending easier. It also doesn’t need to be perfect. I am a horrible drawer, but there is no need to worry about coloring in the lines or making any fancy designs on the shoes. I also suggest not coloring right to the sole of the shoe, once you use the rubbing alcohol the colors will spread to that area. Color about a centimeter or two away from the sole.

Pro tip: you can either tape around the should of the shoes with painters tape or regular tape to avoid getting sharpie on the soles. OR, the sharpie wipes off immediately with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a paper towel


Step Four: Take your dropper and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Then, release the drops over your colored areas. The more alcohol you add, the more your colors will blend and spread out.

Step Five: Repeat this process all over the shoe. Note that you may have to wait for parts of the shoe to dry before coloring over them. You can cover every available white space on your shoe, or leave as much of it as you’d like. This project is completely customizable. Don’t forget to color the tongue as well! Repeat this process on your other shoe.

Step Six: Once your shoe is covered in color and alcohol, you may need to let your shoes dry. I left my shoes to dry for about 15-20 minutes before moving onto the second phase of this project. Once your shoes feel dry, this part of your project is complete.

Step Seven: This part is completely optional. I have seen the shoes with and without painted stars, and both look amazing. Gather your acrylic paint, thumb tack, and toothbrush. When your shoes are dry, you can begin painting stars on your shoes.

Step Eight: Dip your toothbrush in white acrylic paint and begin splattering it all over your shoes in a random pattern. You can add as much paint as you would like until you have achieved your desired effect.

Step Nine: Take your thumb tack and dip it in paint. Use the small tack to paint on stars and moons. My final product looked something like this


Step Ten: Once your shoes are dry, put the shoe laces back in. I found these purple laces on amazon. You could also weave ribbon in similar galaxy colors in with your laces for a unique look.

There you have it, your own set of galaxy shoes!




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