Whiskey Prince Review

Whiskey Prince (Taking Risks #1) by Toni Aleo

Any book that opens with a Sirius Black quote and references Lord of the Rings is a book that I will read! While the story was slow to build and a little predictable, it was not bad. If you’re looking for a cute romance with potential, then this is the book for you!

Amberlyn sets off to Ireland to discover more about her family after her mother passes away. While she’s a little hesitant to give up her life and go, Amberlyn ultimately decides to go along with her mother’s wishes. She discovers more in Ireland than just her family roots. Her mother urged her to do three things while in Ireland: Take a risk; Do Something Drastic; and Fall in love. Will Amberlyn follow her mother’s wishes or will she shy away from the challenge?

On the other side of the Atlantic, Declan is a twenty-two year old who is sitting to inherit the throne of a whiskey empire. But the keys to his kingdom come with a catch, his parents want him to marry and settle down with a nice Irish girl to keep up the O’Callaghan tradition. He needs a wife and time is ticking away. If he doesn’t marry, then he cannot keep the business. But whiskey is Declan’s life. He loves his land and making whiskey. But can he find love outside of the whiskey business?

Whiskey Prince pits Amberlyn and Declan against each other as an unlikely match. Delcan’s family wanted him to find a respectable Irish girl. While Amberlyn’s family knows little about the O’Callaghans because they tend to keep to themselves. The O’Callaghan’s are local celebrities who rarely leave their estate. But when Declan starts frequenting the pub Amberlyn works at, everyone starts becoming curious and the pub receives more business than they are used to.

In a tale of young love and finding yourself in a far away land, you’ll be swept off of your feet with Declan’s charisma and Amberlyn’s sweet naivety. This is one romantic adventure that you don’t want to miss. Young love is in the air, as Declan must decide what is most important to him while Amberlyn learns to let go of what she knows and give into what she feels. Whiskey Prince is charming and will make you smile.


Rating: 3/5


The Librarian Review

The Librarian by Christy Sloat

“Don’t you see, in life we have small moments and we have a lot of them. Those small moments are what define us as human beings. They break us, yes, but it’s how we rebuild ourselves after that makes the difference.”

Emmeline (Emme) becomes a Librarian after her grandmother passes away. Emme moves back to her costal Maine hometown and holds off on continuing her college classes to pick up the pieces of her grandmother’s life. Emme was left specific instructions with books under the floorboards in the library that contain the family history and the important work the family does.

Emme is tasked with traveling back in history through books to document the life Jack Ridgewell. But there is a set of rules that she must follow. Librarians enter history to observe and document, but not interfere. Emme quickly finds Jack to be alluring and she cannot resist spending time with him and slowly falling for him. At the same time, she is frustrated by his stubbornness and cannot keep going back and forth between the past and the present.

Emme must decide between her love for one man and the love of her normal life in the present. Is changing the past and present worth the price of love?

Christy Sloat creates a character and a world where every bookworm dreams would become a reality. Sloat manages to create intriguing characters in a well-written story. I adore the concept of this book and having a book boyfriend. The feel-good ending will leave you with a warm light inside. I do highly recommend this quick read. If you have ever dreamed of having a boom boyfriend or girlfriend and the ability to travel though books and time, this is satisfy your curiosity.


Rating: 4/5


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

“To really be a nerd…you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.”

Cather and her twin sister, Wren, are off to college and being separated for the first time. Wren has decided to request a roommate who is not her sister and becomes paired with Courtney. Cather is reluctantly paired with Reagan. Both girls have different college experiences and grow over their first year of college. And each sister’s roommate helps to shape their college experiences in different ways.

Fangirl primarily follows Cather in her quest to become a writer. Cather is the creator of a well-known Simon Snow fan-fiction. Her fans are all over the world and hang on her every word. But Cather is locked in a race to finish the fan-fic before the final book of the Simon Snow series is released. Cather struggles between what it means to be her own fiction writer and wanting to focus on her fan-fic writing.

Cather retreats into her fan-fiction and often loses herself in the characters. But, when Cather loses touch with her sister and her own life she struggles to return to the characters she knows and loves. Even more difficult, she struggles to write her own stories as she does not understand that the fan-fiction she is writing does not contain her own characters.

Cather comes face to face with problems she never thought she would experience and old troubles that are still haunting her. She struggles to finish her first year of college in the wake of the aftermath of her sisters problems and her father’s issues. She is also introduced to Levi and doesn’t know how to separate fictional feelings from real ones at time. So she introduces Levi to the fictional world she has fallen in love with.

In a story of first love, new friendships, and family drama, Rainbow Rowell creates characters that the reader grows to love and connect with. Anyone who has ever gotten lost in a fictional world or story will understand Cather’s love of Simon Snow and the magical world he comes from. Most of us have had out own “fangirl” moments, so Cather’s obsession with Simon is not something so far removed. I adored this story and Rowell’s writing. This is a beautifully written story that any fan of young adult fiction would love.

Rating: 4/5


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