Bring Me Home Review

Bring Me Home by Bree Howland


While Kailey was growing up, she was sure of two things:

1. She wanted to devote her life to helping animals.
2. She would never be without her best friend Cole Martin.

When her father had them pack up and move two provinces away two years before graduation, it felt like the rug was pulled out from under her.

Now she’s in college, finally pursuing her interest in veterinary medicine. Even better, Cole is at the same school. But Cole has changed and so has she. Gone was the innocence of childhood friendship and easy conversations.

Between new friends, unexpected feelings, and a road trip, Kailey’s first year in college will be more eye opening than she ever imagined.


I LOVED this book. I want to start out by stating that I am usually not a romance reader, but this is a story that should be on everyone’s TBR list. It’s not cheesy and it will not make you roll your eyes into oblivion. It is a sweet story that will make you believe in love and happy endings. I binge read this book in one sitting because it was that good. I suggest curling up in a warm blanket and settling in while reading this book, because you will not want to put it down.

Kailey (Kail) and Cole are wonderful characters. Their friendship and love feel real and in no way forced. All of Howland’s characters have great chemistry. You can picture yourself in college along side Kail and her friends and you can easily fit into the friend’s adventures and witty banter.

This is a beautifully written story that will leave you wanting completely satisfied. There’s friendship, true love, cute animals, and an atmosphere of pure delight. Whether you’re an avid reader of romance stories or a fair weather fan, you will find something in the story to connect to or believe in. I cannot recommend this book enough!

Rating: 5/5

I received this ARC from the author, Bree Howland, in exchange for an honest review

Bring Me Home will be available on January 1, 2019 

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About the Author

Bree Howland lives in Atlantic Canada with her husband and two fur children, two finicky felines. When she’s not working, her life revolves around reading, writing and taking care of her foster cats. You will more than likely find her curled up somewhere quiet with a book or scrolling aimlessly through Twitter.

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Fortunate Felines Rescue

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The Darkest Star

The Darkest Starby Jennifer L. Armentrout

“That was what I wanted at some point in my life, for someone to look at me like I looked at tacos.”


In the aftermath of the Lux war that changed the face of the Earth, there is still a stark divide between humanity and Lux, an alien race inhabiting the planet. As tensions rise in a small town, a string of murders take the town by surprise. The murders are suspiciously supernatural and the bodies are left where they are sure to be found. Seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher must decide what secrets are worth keeping and which ones she’s willing to share with those closest to her. As Evie gets mixed up with the Luxen, and a new guy, Luc, in her life, she questions everything she’s ever known. In a race to find answers, Evie and her friends are met with new threats and more questions at every turn.



The characters are brilliant and dynamic, each in their own ways. As a reader, you know something is amiss about some of the characters and their physical traits. But we’re not told until well into the storyline the mystery we keep guessing at.

Luc is a mysterious bad boy with captivating violet eyes. He is tough, powerful, and everyone seems to be afraid or at least apprehensive of him. But there is more to Luc than meets the eye.

Evie is a painfully naïve teenager who gets more than she bargained fro when she joins her best friend, Heidi, at a club in town. This club, Forsaken, is special because this club allows humans and Luxen to intermix without judgment. But Evie’s life changes the moment she walks through the big red doors.

Sylvia & Jason are Evie’s parents, but both held secrets from her. Jason died during the war, and Evie and her mother moved

The rest of Evie’s friends fit into categories we know, without being a boring sterotype. You have the overprotective, semi-jealous friend, James. James is leery of Luc and everything unraveling, but he’s still supportive of Evie. April is loud and brash, quick to jump to her own conclusions even without having all of the facts. Zoe is calm and open-minded, and will do anything to ensure Evie’s safety. Heidi and Emery are more free-spirited, but both know more than they let on.



As a caveat: it has been quite some time since I’ve read a book by Armentrout. I forgot that I read part of the Luxen series until I read this book. However, I don’t think that reading the original series is a requirement to enjoy this spin-off series, as the characters in the Origin Series are not main characters in the original series.

I immensely enjoyed this book. While parts of the writing style read like the way a teenager would speak, I think this adds to the main character’s internal dialogue. You genuinely become immersed in Evie’s thoughts and the world in which she is living. Yet, Armentrout is still not predictable. The Darkest Starwill take you on an adventure of twists and turns. Once you think you have it all figured out, you’re thrown another curve ball. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the rest of the series.



Rating: 4/5

**I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

The Darkest Star will be available on October 30, 2018 by Tor Teen Publishers.


You’re You Book Review

You’re You by Mette Bach

 “All that really matters is what’s in your heart.”


Freyja is a high school senior who identifies as queer. Her girlfriend, Rachel has brought out the best in her. Both girls have started a YouTube channel where they talk to other queer teens and constantly remind them how welcomed and loved they are in the community. Freyja is also the president of her school’s gay-straight alliance club (GSA) and does what she can to advocate for the others in the group. But, Rachel breaks up with Freyja and Freyja must figure out her life when Rachel is all she has ever known.

However, Freyja comes off as bossy and the other members of the GSA want to focus on more than just social justice and activism. They want to have fun and enjoy themselves.

In an attempt to try something new and push herself out of her comfort zone, Freyja volunteers and joins the local food bank to help others who are less fortunate. There, she meets Sanjay and begins to question not only herself but her sexuality and everything it means to be queer. She is afraid to be judged and is terrified of labeling herself as anything other than “queer”.

Mette Bach has created a character that can easily be identified with. We all question ourselves constantly. And sometimes, a small label can make or break us. But, the story feels like a cliché. Freyja is not a dynamic character. One guy should not be the reason that she feels like her life is falling apart when nothing is going wrong in her life. The other characters also feel like stereotypes—the overly gaygay guy; the cliquey teenage girls who rather take selfies than do volunteer work.

I am torn about this story. I love the concept and it is well written. But this will not do wonders for the queer community as it is riddled with clichés and stereotypes.


Rating: 2.5/5

*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


Summer Constellations

Summer Constellations by Alisha Sevigny

 “You dazzle me more than any stars.”


 Summer Constellationsis a tale of young love and determination. Julia has grown up on her family’s campground and will do anything she can think of to save it from being sold and commercially developed. She is a lover of astronomy and likes to take time to gaze at the stars from her quiet home. She is the youngest of two and has a mother with a determined spirit. But there is more to her family than meets the eye. Her little brother is sick and his health seems to be rapidly deteriorating over time. Buried under medical bills, Julia’s mother sees selling the campground as a way to satisfy medical debts.

The main developer has a reputation for buying low and selling high. But his son and prodigy, Nick does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps. Instead, Nick grows close to Julia and does what he can to devise a plan and save the campground.

Rightfully so, Julia is suspicious of Nick’s intentions and is not sure what to make of his helpful nature. Is there something Nick wants in exchange for all of the help he has given? Does Nick have ulterior motives? But, Julia also cannot help developing feelings for Nick because he’s the only one who understands her and does not walk on eggshells around her bother. Julia must decide what is more important, falling in love or the family campground.

In this heartwarming story, Alisha Sevigny manages to create characters that the reader will fall in love with. This is more than your average teenage love story. This is a tale about love, loss, letting go, and there is even an exciting treasure hunt and race to save a young boy. Sevigny has a winner with this story. It is the perfect summer romance.


Rating: 4/5

*I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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Summer Constellations is available now.

Salt Review

Salt by Hannah Moskowitz

Salt is a story of four children on the ocean looking to finish what their parents started. There are monsters at sea, but not everyone is privy to this information. Only those who have taken on slaying the sea monsters know their true horrors. Many have lost their lives at sea protecting others and these four children must forge the unknown waters of the Mediterranean in search of their parents and a hidden treasure.

With the help from their parent’s journal, Indi, Beleza, Oscar, and Zulu come face to face with true horrors at sea and on land. The siblings must protect themselves and hold on to the only lives they have ever known or risk being torn apart.

This was a quick read and you’re easily transported to that little boat the kids are sailing. Each character has their own distinct personality; from the bossy big sister to the carefree youngest sister, and the big brother who wants to escape the life he knows to the younger brother who is reckless and lives on adrenaline. I am surprised how well developed these characters are for how short the story is and how young they are.

My one criticism of this book is that the characters are not relatable. But, I think that has to do with the characters being younger. There are some aspects that can be related to, such as wanting out of the life you’re currently in and starting anew. However, the other characters feel like novelties that cannot be touched.

Overall, I would recommend this story. It can reasonably be knocked out in a few hours. This is a fun tale and I am looking forward to reading more from Hannah Moskowitz.


Rating: 4/5

*I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

If you would like more information about the book or the author, you can start here.

Salt is expected to be released on October 30, 2018.

Fashion Victim Review (Spoiler Free)

Fashion Victim by Amina Akhtar

*Spoiler Free Review*

 Fashion Victim is a fast-paced campy thriller about one woman’s experience in the fashion world and just how cut throat the industry can truly be.

Anya St. Clair is a fashion editor who is obsessed with her co-worker, Sarah Elizabeth Taft. Anya has looked up to Sarah ever since she was young. Following Sarah in magazines and news articles, Anya has wanted to be like Sarah for as long as she can remember. Now that they are both working at La Vietogether, she wants to be Sarah’s BFF, dress like Sarah, and have Sarah’s approval on every aspect of her life. Anya goes to any lengths necessary to stay in Sarah’s good graces, and does not hesitate to take out her competition along the way.

Anya and Sarah are pitted against each other for a promotion. Sarah already embodies what it means to be a “La Vie Woman”—tall, blonde, thin, and well liked. Anya has to work to lose weight under the supervision of her boss, dealing with daily weigh-ins and constant jabs at her appearance. There are also others in the office who do their best to ensure that the truth about Anya gets out. Anya will not stop at anything short of achieving her goals of becoming the perfect La Vie Woman.

Rating: 3.5/5

Fashion Victim will be published on September 11, 2018

*I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Fashion Victim is Amina Akhtar’s first novel. If you would like more information about the book or author, you can start here.

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